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Avoid procrastination by Ty Rhame

Procrastination is like quicksand – it will suck you down and make your dreams die from lack of oxygen. Putting off the process of starting your business for any reason, valid or not, can lead to getting mired down in the mud. Do your best to keep moving forward, even if you’re just taking tiny taking tiny steps.



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Ty Rhame – A New Real Estate Investment

I’ve been looking for a real estate investment like this one. Using a leveraged transaction allows my partner and I to sell stakes in the building to investors interested in a 1031 exchange transaction. I consider this an investment for my family office for generations to come.

Here’s the Wall Street Journal article about Tyson Rhame:

Ty Rhame IRS WSJ

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Tyson Rhame Video – Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur

If you don’t have a strong work ethic – and a willingness to take risks, entrepreneurship is not for you. Many people dream of owning a business, but few have the determination, perseverance and skills to make it happen. It’s hard work, even when it looks easy.

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